Jello Cake Joy

Last night, Dean finally got his long awaited Jello cake, topped with a light, refreshing strawberry Jello Cool Whip frosting! 

This has been a topic of discussion for dessert for at least a month or more. Well, last night, he sure was a happy camper! He says he had these growing up, and my mother says she used to make them all the time ~ 

I found it to be a nice change from the usual old cake and frosting. And while it tasted good last night, today it was even better! Setting overnight allowed the Jello cake to chill and firm up completely, and the same for the Jello Cool Whip frosting. 

Dean's secret for the frosting is this: mix one box of Jello with 1 cup of hot water, but only 1/2 cup of cold water. Let it come to room temperature. Then, in a large bowl empty one regular size container of Cool Whip, and about 1/2 cup of the still liquid Jello mixture. Carefully fold the Jello in with the Cool Whip until it makes a creamy, but not too loose, frosting. Add more or less, to gain the right consistency. Don't forget that the Jello will firm up the frosting once it has completely cooled. Leftover Jello can be refrigerated for a tasty treat later.. :)

Just in case you've suddenly become in the mood to make your own Jello cake, here's a link for the recipe! 
Gelatin Poke Cake 

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