Bird House Love

Since it's been pretty wintry out, I decided to do a fun search for a few minutes this evening and check out some bird houses for ideas on what to look for come Spring time. 

There are some really cute houses out there! Here are several I think would make an adorable addition to the bird house (below) that was erected on our property back in March of 1976 (carved in the concrete at the bottom of the pole) by the previous owners. I absolutely love it!

© K.M.C

This one's so cute, I want to live in it!


Kind of a log cabin-ish feel! Perfect to set along the edge of our woods.


Oh, my goodness! This is perfectly suited for my very own Chickadees and Tufted Titmice.☺They are the most frequent visitors to my tray feeder!

I just love whimsical designs like this one! And, it has ladybugs, too, which are our very special bug for Becca. ♥


Last, but not least, are these really clever and unique bird houses that would add a dash of cuteness wherever they were hung! 


Just can't wait to get out in the yard this Spring!

What gets you excited about Spring?

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