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While shopping at Wegman's today, I came across a beautiful, sturdy melamine dish set that instantly made me think of Italy and the Tuscan design that I would love to have in my kitchen. Much to my delight, they were slightly reduced in price, so I paired two pieces that look fabulous together to serve as an inspiration to start my Tuscan kitchen dream. Someday. 

I simply love them! While generally I'm not a bold color person, I do like that these colors send me an instant message of warmth and happiness as if it was coming straight from an Italian kitchen filled with delicious aromas and lots of affection! In fact, they're quite similar to one of my favorite pictures of a Tuscan kitchen that I have - using orange instead of red, but still just as lovely.

A room like this would always feel sunny, even on a gray rainy day! Don't you just want to step right in and sit at that table while enjoying the meal and the view you might imagine is there when looking out either window?

So, for now, my plate and bowl will be a beautiful decoration, and an inspiration to that dream of mine for a welcoming, cozy Tuscan kitchen. Someday. :)

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