Sliding Door Window Treatments

I currently have vertical blinds at my 6' sliding door like the ones below. In the evening, when I like them closed, they're usually getting hung up on the throw rug I have down to catch the dirt and debris when we come in from the patio. Or, the animals find them quite fun to try and walk through as they fight for a position at the window to see just what's going on out there. This can get quite annoying, as I find myself always trying to realign them so they hang properly, which, ultimately is a never ending battle!

I think I'd like to consider something that's more like a drape, that slides back and forth freely on a simple rod. It's either open, or closed. No muss, no fuss - and the animals can do whatever they want without much disturbance to the drapes at all. Ah, now wouldn't that be nice!  

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