Summer Means Beauty ~ July 29, 2016

Summer has been sultry, beautiful and amazing! How have YOU been, my friends?

You know I never tire of taking photographs of all that goes on around me in my day to day life.

And you know that nature is especially my favorite subject.

But every once in a while, my family gets tossed in there, too!

Here's just a glimpse of my world over the last month or so.....

Checkers taking an afternoon nap

Lots of different butterflies visit my butterfly bush

Simple beauty in my favorite glass "vase"

Our dilapidated shed is still beautiful to me

One of our lovely chestnut trees

This female and her mate frequented my feeders every evening

My front porch in June

Sweet Joanna
 So glad I've had this chance to catch up with you!
~ ♥ ~

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  1. Beautiful photos! You have a great eye for composing pictures that draw you in! 😄


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