Christmas ~ Here and Gone Before I Knew It

Christmas was a flurry of activities, that came and went in the blink of an eye! Every year, after Christmas, I think of how hectic and crazy things were, and determine to make things better the next time around. It never happens! Yet every year, I make this same promise to myself.... I imagine one of these years, I'll actually follow through! Maybe....

 It does make me think of something I just heard on the Home and Family show I watch on Hallmark Channel, though. A featured guest was saying how he doesn't like New Year's resolutions. When asked why, he said because he believes they set you up for failure before you even begin. I have to admit, he had a valid point! Um, hello - I think he was talking to me!

Just too funny not to share! ☺

 "Well, then what does he suggest one do?", you may be asking yourself. He suggests doing something at the time it enters your brain to do it.  


 Why, yes. And what perfect sense that makes! Because, after all, you're only tackling one thing at a time, at the time it occurs to you to do it. And that's not nearly as overwhelming as a list full of resolutions, and the feeling of needing to tackle them all at once!

So, here's to a New Year full of promise of accomplished goals, one at a time

Little by little.
Step by step. 

I like that approach much better! ☺ How about you? 

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