In Celebration of Spring ~ March 22, 2016

Do you remember what it was like, being young and welcoming Spring?
 Did you feel light-hearted and happy, excited mostly for an Easter basket, a bonnet, bunny or chick?
As the flowers poked their heads through the soil, did you stoop down to pick some to put in a vase?
Were you excited for the blooming of Lilacs as I always was? Oh, how heavenly their scent has always been to me!
Do you remember finding the nest of a Robin, and watching in wonder as those little blue eggs finally hatched?
Oh, the beauty of it all ~ rebirth, new growth, and everything coming alive once again!

You are most welcome Spring, with heartfelt joy!!

~ Happy Spring, friends ~

Homemade "Garden Whimsies" ~ March 12, 2016

If you haven't heard of Garden Whimsies by Mary on Facebook, you may just want to stop on over to her page! She makes the most adorable whimsical things for her outdoor gardens. :)

Her beautiful creations gave me the inspiration to try my hand at some for my own outdoor decorations.

So, I took a trip to our local thrift shop, and had a fun time finding various pieces I thought would go well together. I happen to love anything with a vintage rose style or pattern. Here's what I ended up with ~

Then I decided what pieces I would match together. Once that was determined, I put contact cement on the bottom of each piece, and let them set for about 15 minutes.

(The oval pink bowl would be done after the first pieces were put together as it's an additional decoration added to the top of another.)

Once the contact cement was glossy, I paired the pieces together that I wanted for each decoration. They firmed up nicely. Then I did the same process for the oval pink bowl's bottom, and the piece it would set on. Once they were paired together and hardened, this is what MY "Garden Whimsies" looked like ~

This is a fun, inexpensive project that you can really get creative with and show off your own unique, individual style. Go on, try it for yourself! I think you'll be surprised at just how easy it is. 

I think I see a few more "Garden Whimsies" on my horizon! ;) 
~ ♥ ~

Outdoor Attraction ~ March 8, 2016

It's almost 60 degrees here in my neck of the woods. Despite the gray clouds that have rolled in making it a bit dreary, I couldn't resist opening the windows.

Oh, my goodness ~ what a delight! That breeze, those birds, that wonderful smell of SPRING!

I think the animals felt my sentiments exactly.

What do you think? ☺



Hollyhocks ~ March 5, 2016

It's been what seems like ages ago now, but in my very first home I had a variety of Hollyhocks. When we had just moved in, it was the way of people out in that country area to give gifts of flowers and other plants from their own gardens, to help a new neighbor get started on their own flowerbeds. I received at least half a dozen or more different types of flowerbed plants and flowers, but the Hollyhocks were among my favorite.

I remember I was given the colors of deep maroon, peach, yellow and magenta. Prior to that time, I had never seen Hollyhocks, so I was quite amazed at the height and show that each stalk presented. Over the years, the different plants seemed to cross pollinate so that eventually the flowers on each stalk varied with a blend of another color from a different flower. My yellows had a bit of peach in them, my peach had a bit of magenta in them and my magenta had some of the deep maroon in them. They were actually quite lovely, and reseeded themselves so abundantly!

Our closest neighbors had shown the children how to make dolls, or dancing ladies, from the flowers.
I actually learned a lot from many of those old country folks! Remembering times like those are some of my sweetest memories. So when I recently remembered just how much I loved those Hollyhocks, I decided that I need to get a beautiful variety of them started here in my current home.

I hope I'll be able to find some Hollyhocks in my local nurseries that are already grown, flowering and ready to plant this spring. But if not, I will gladly buy some packets of seeds and get started on my own winsome display of these old fashioned beauties once again! 

Do you have a story about your favorite flowers? I'd love for you to share it with me!
~ ♥ ~