Super Fast Quesadilla Snack ~ January 25, 2016


I make these all the time for a quick after school snack, or even a quick meal on the run. No one has ever been disappointed with how delicious they are!

Plus, I like how you can add other ingredients to suit just about everyone's tastes!

What's not to love? 

Here's what you'll need:

Flour Tortilla's (large or small - you decide)
Salsa (any variety you'd like)
Pepper rings (mild or hot - the choice is yours)
Shredded Cheese (get creative - mix and match)

Sour Cream (for dipping)

Here's how to make it:
Lay one tortilla down on a plate. Cover liberally with shredded cheese. Add small dollops of salsa and pieces of pepper rings over entire cheese covered tortilla. Place a second tortilla over top, and gently press down to secure it to the filling.

Lightly butter a frying pan and set to medium heat. Place tortilla in pan once it has warmed up. Spread a thin layer of butter on top tortilla. Allow to cook until underside is just lightly golden brown. Flip. Cook the same as first side. Remove from heat and set quesadilla on a plate. Let cool slightly. Using a pizza cutter, slice into quarters. 

Place a portion of sour cream in a small dipping bowl. Dip quesadilla pieces into sour cream and enjoy!

Now, for those of you who are bit more creative (like me), here's what else you can add:

Sliced black olives
Shredded lettuce
Mushroom pieces
Bacon slices
Sausage bits
Ground beef bits
Chicken pieces

Really, the choices are endless. It all comes down to what you like, and what combination sounds good to you! 

Hope you try this recipe soon, and let me know what you think!

Tell me, what combinations did you choose? 
 I just may want to try it your way!
~ ♥ ~

Are You a Fan of Eat In Kitchens? ~ January 24, 2016

As a homemaker, the majority of my day is spent in the kitchen. Whether I'm cooking a meal, baking some goodies or cleaning up afterwards, the kitchen just seems to be my "main domain".

Our home was built in 1948. During this time period, the floorplan of a home was not open, and most generally, the kitchen was a room of its own, as it is here.

I truly miss the open floorplan of our much newer, former home. But, where that was a more desirable feature, there were also those features that were less desirable, yet here those less desirable features are non-existent. In the end, it really comes down to this - there are always pros and cons no matter the place that you call home.

I'm definitely a fan of eat in kitchens. And I like a kitchen that beckons people in not only to eat, but to sit and chat, to relax and enjoy themselves.  

Here are some pictures I really like of eat in kitchen areas that I'd be thrilled to have in my own home! ☺

Quaint and cozy.

LOVE the windows and sunlight pouring in here!

The style is a bit too contemporary for my taste, but this kitchen welcomes people in to eat and socialize!

Looks traditional and inviting.

The island is absolutely my favorite thing here, along with the glass door cabinets.

Just dreaming, but it sure has been fun!

~ ♥ ~

Me Day Saturday ~ January 23, 2016

 It's been one of those much welcome days when I get to enjoy doing whatever it is I want to do. A cozy fire, a warm mug of tea, browsing through my photographs, a delicious bowl of hot soup and enjoying the birds at my feeders.... All these things bring a quiet peace to my soul, and some days I really need that!

Have you noticed that the days are getting longer? 
I took this picture last night just after 5:30. It's the view I see from my kitchen window of the western horizon. I love when we've turned the corner to having more daylight in our days! By this time of the year, I need every bit of something to look forward to as I anticipate the arrival of Spring. It's the first of many indications we don't have far to go, even if our winter hasn't been that bad so far!

And at the time of that picture, directly behind the house, the moon was also rising. A bright, clear, beautiful moon. I never tire of taking pictures of the moon. Being a bit further removed from town and all of it's store lights gives us some wonderful views of the night sky, especially as darkness falls. 

Lately, the evenings seem as though a great big nightlight is on because of the glow of the moon on the snow!
I imagine the deer are moving about quite a bit more because of that fact, though I haven't seen too many in our yard lately. 

The Finches have been out in large groups today. I just love seeing them fill in all the openings of my sunflower seed feeder as they've done here! 

Much to my surprise, I was able to snap the next picture at just the right moment when this pair of finches were sharing a seed with one another while the male was in mid-air!

While I'm an amateur photographer at best, I still enjoy those times when everything falls into place perfectly to give me one of those priceless pictures that you couldn't do again no matter how hard you tried! 

The Cardinals were out and feisty today. Many of the males were vying for time at the feeders, not willing to share with other males. I always like when they feed in the snow for how beautiful their red feathers look against the white backdrop. 
Wishing you a delightful evening, and a weekend of quiet moments with happy times, my friends!
~ ♥ ~

The Poor Little Guy ~ January 20, 2016

Today we had a beautiful snowfall. 
It was heavy and lasted for most of the day.
© KMC 2016
On especially snowy days, the birds and critters clamor more impatiently for their food, and often squabble with one another. 

Even though there's plenty of feeders and food for everyone!

Today, two squirrels were in a stand-off.

The one on the ground refused to let the one in the tree come down for even a moment! So that poor fellow in the tree tried to wait patiently, but in a ready stance to advance.
However, it soon became apparent that he'd have a bit of a wait.
So he found a place to sit.
Can't you just see his sad face?
 (Even I felt bad for him!)

As the wait turned into quite a long one, I imagine he began to get cold as the snow began to gather on him. 

So he snuggled in closer to the tree.
And all the while, this selfish, rude fellow
swung from the sunflower feeder most happily and carefree 'til he had his fill!
What a naughty little squirrel!!
~ ♥ ~

Picture Collages of Recent Days ~ January 19, 2016

Here in the northeast our winter snows have finally come. 

What a change!

Charlie has been anxiously awaiting the snow, bemoaning that it just doesn't seem like winter without it. There, now he can be happy ~ and I sent him out to shovel it!

Dean spent 2 hours today clearing us out from a blizzard like night with steady snowfall and blustery winds.

Becca had to brush off her car, which had been sitting all day during her shift at work. She says she's not meant to brush off that much snow! It made me chuckle. I think she dislikes being out in the snow as much as I do!

I gathered the dogs for walks through the yard, and smiled as they romped happily in this white stuff that they remember is so much fun to play in....Such is the life of a dog!

When they'd had their fill, once back inside, I peered through the windows to watch my bird feeders. Then I took to the outdoors to snap some pictures.

Despite not liking the snow and cold of winter, I find myself enjoying the beauty of the season nonetheless!

Wishing you well, my friends!
~ ♥~

A Pleasant Walk ~ January 15, 2016

Today was a pretty perfect, mild winter day. Again! I stepped outside with Joanna in tow to survey our 2 acre yard and perhaps get a good picture or two. It seems like nature came alive today, thinking it was spring! The birds......

Birthday Wishes For The Birthday Girl ~ January 13, 2016

It's hard to believe that my firstborn is now 20 years old. I can honestly say that my brain cannot fathom just how that can be possible! But, as sure as there's snow in winter, it's true. *SIGH*

She's beautiful, intelligent, accomplished, charming, kindhearted and all grown up!

Becca and her boyfriend, Justin.

A Little Change Does Alot ~ January 12, 2016

A couple of months ago, I moved my computer out to the living area. Once we began lighting fires in the wood stove, I found myself wanting to snuggle in close and enjoy the beauty and warmth of the fire. But over time, I've realized that things just aren't the same compared to being in my own office space, with my comfortable "secretary" chair, bright lighting and

A Smorgasborg of Weather ~ January 11, 2016

When I say we've had crazy, unusual weather, I mean crazy and unusual! Here we are, nearly mid-January, and we've just had a weekend with mild days full of rain! We're talking temperatures at 50 degrees, downpours and mud puddles! I honestly think

My Country Sampler Magazine Has Arrived! ~ January 10, 2016

The older I get, the less I like to get the mail. How about you? Nowadays, it's either bills, solicitation or junk! The last time I received an actual letter in the mail was....gosh, I'm sure it was YEARS ago!! How discouraging! My girlfriend and I used to faithfully write back and forth. As did my great-grandmother and I on occasion. I also had an Italian pen pal (whose letters, ironically, I just came across the other day!!) I think my getting married and life getting busy must have interfered with staying in contact with them by letter. I miss keeping in touch with people in that way, actually. ....Gee, anyone up for being a pen pal?

In light of the depressing mail situation (lol), I decided to

Soup Warms the Soul - January 2, 2016

It's the perfect evening for a steaming hot bowl of soup!
One that warms you right down to your toes. 
So I went to the pantry and grabbed my can of
Progresso Italian-Style Wedding soup.

I've been waiting for just the right kind of day to have it,
and today was that kind of day. ~ smile ~

An Indoor Day ~ January 1, 2015

2016 was ushered in on cold winter winds with a light snowfall. 
I'm beginning to miss my sunshine which we haven't had
in quite a few days!

A morning visit in the snowfall    ©KMC

Since it was best to hunker down indoors today,
I decided to get some things done. 

One chore led to another chore, and another
and another.....

Do you ever have days like that?

But at least I feel good that nothing is hanging over my head
and urgently needs to be done.

Then I turned my attention to bird watching.....